5 Ways Cloud VoIP Services Save Money

5 Ways Cloud VoIP Services Save Money

With the internet telephony revolution now well underway, many business owners are starting to move away from the limitations of landline telephony and migrate to hosted communications systems.

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology uses cloud infrastructure, thereby providing a wealth of extra features, such as integrated video conferencing and other enterprise-grade communications capabilities. But making the move to VoIP isn’t just about taking advantage of modern technology – it’s also about cutting costs. Here are just a few of the ways hosted VoIP can save money:

#1. Minimal Infrastructure Investment

Easily the most common reason for being reluctant to implement new technology is that it can become very expensive. For example, if you want to have your own in-house VoIP infrastructure, you’ll need to invest in a lot of expensive hardware and have a dedicated IT department to look after everything.

Hosted VoIP services eliminate the need for most upfront investment since most of the necessary equipment, such as PBX servers, are provided by the cloud vendor. Furthermore, these systems are among the most flexible and feature-rich available, and they’ll be ready to use on day 1.

#2. Increased Productivity

No business leader can afford to underestimate the enormous influence of employee productivity on their finances. When you’re relying on multiple standalone systems to do the job, that’s a good example of a scenario in which productivity will take a major hit.

Hosted VoIP services use standardized technology you can integrate with your core business systems and processes. No longer will your employees have to work with multiple systems and make do with a lack of interoperability. In fact, there’s no better way to streamline your entire communications infrastructure.

#3. Make Internal Calls for Free

Thanks to modern technology, workforce mobility has become one of the biggest trends in the global marketplace. However, if you’re still relying on landlines, you'll most likely be spending a fortune on internal calls. Thankfully, this won't be a problem if you use VoIP.

With a hosted VoIP service, all communications between internet-connected devices are free. Even if you have departments, branches, employees, and business partners spread all over the world, VoIP allows you to eliminate internal communication expenses.

#4. Reduce International Call Costs

Not everyone is using VoIP, so businesses still need to have the ability to call other phones, such as conventional landlines and mobile phones. Unfortunately, this can get extremely expensive, particularly if you’re calling foreign mobile numbers. Luckily, there’s a solution to this.

One of the greatest benefits of VoIP is that it allows you to make much cheaper international calls. With VoIP, the call data travels mostly through the internet, thereby making it no more expensive than a local call in most cases.

#5. Reduced Maintenance Fees

A traditional business PBX phone system requires a lot of expensive hardware, and just like any technology, it requires regular maintenance and upgrades. Although larger companies typically maintain their own technology infrastructures, they also have much higher budgets and dedicated IT departments.

Hosted VoIP eliminates almost all maintenance costs, since the hosted VoIP provider performs most of the services directly. In other words, maintenance, upgrades and repairs will be entirely your vendor’s responsibility. You get to enjoy all the latest technology for one predictable monthly fee.

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