5 Cloud & Security Statistics Every Business Owner Needs to Know About

5 Cloud & Security Statistics Every Business Owner Needs to Know About

Modern businesses are facing increased pressure to implement more effective ways to manage large amounts of corporate data. That’s why so many of them are migrating to the cloud -- rather than ending up stuck with costly in-house data servers that require expensive maintenance.

If you’re unsure whether the cloud is a good fit for your company, then perhaps the following statistics will help set your mind at ease.

43% of Cyberattacks Target Small Businesses

It’s easy to assume that serious hackers and organized cybercriminals are going for the big targets. After all, the likes of Yahoo, Equifax, and other huge multinational corporations handle vast amounts of valuable data. But these larger businesses are also much harder to penetrate, at least in most cases.

That’s why hackers also aim for so many smaller businesses, since they’re usually not nearly as well prepared. Cloud hosting services, however, have reached economies of scale that allow them to provide best-of-breed security to small businesses that usually wouldn’t be able to afford it.

32% of Business Leaders Lack Sufficient Cloud Knowledge

The cloud has gone beyond being a relatively trendy solution to being the norm in the modern corporate computing environment. However, as new cloud providers appear like mushrooms after the rain, navigating the increasingly complex cloud marketplace can be confusing.

That’s why many business leaders really don’t know where to start when it comes to making their move to the cloud, even if they do recognize the great benefits of doing so.

55% of SMB Owners Don’t Know How to Use Their Own Tech

Large enterprises might be able to afford having their own dedicated IT departments and exclusive contractors, but those are usually too expensive for small businesses. That’s why employees often find themselves trying to solve their own computer issues when they could otherwise be focusing on their actual jobs.

In other words, all your hi-tech office IT can end up being a burden rather than a boon. But by outsourcing IT to the cloud, the maintenance and support will automatically be taken care of by experts.

6.9% of Small-Business Revenue Gets Spent on IT

There’s no denying that technology is expensive, particularly when you consider all the maintenance and upgrade costs involved. That’s why a lot of small businesses end up with outdated systems they can’t afford to modernize. The result is that they lose their competitive edge and eventually fail.

Fortunately, cloud computing exists to help keep smaller organizations at the cutting edge of innovation, through modern technology delivered over the Internet as a service for a predictable monthly fee.

59% of IT Services Are Now Proactive Rather than Break-Fix

Something goes wrong with your server and you call someone in to repair it as soon as possible. Or, perhaps the system turns out to be a total loss, in which case you’ll have to spend thousands on a replacement and figure out how to restore all your systems and data.

Luckily that sort of break-fix model is a thing of the past, or at least it should be. The cloud is much more efficient, offering proactive care with round-the-clock monitoring and proactive maintenance. So if something ever does go wrong, the responsibility to fix the problem lies with the vendor – not with you and your wallet.

Chances are, the cloud has the answer to all your IT problems, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get started. With Total Tech Team on your side, we take care of the process by ensuring that your cloud migration process aligns with your company goals. Call us today to learn more.