How Cloud Telephony Helps Businesses Grow

Whether you’re running a small startup or a mid-sized company with several branches, it’s good communication that keeps your operations running. Fortunately, developments in telecom mean you no longer need to be held back by landline phones or the enormous budgetary and administrative necessities of enterprise-grade telephony.

A Short Guide to Hiring the Right IT Consultant

Few small businesses have the financial or human resources to maintain their own in-house IT department. Nonetheless, having cutting-edge technology on your side is critical for enabling growth in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Without the right solutions and the high-level expertise required to implement and manage them, you’ll end up being left behind.

How Awareness, Organization and Proactiveness Ward of Cybercriminals

From a major data breach involving the theft of thousands of business records to a crippling ransomware attack that brings your network to its knees, it’s impossible to deny that cybercrime remains as prolific and varied as ever. Despite major global enterprises making the headlines nearly every time there’s a serious data breach, it’s smaller organizations that present the favorite target for hackers.

What Is a Hardware Firewall and Does Your Business Need One?

Digital security is one of the defining characteristics of the modern workplace. With more businesses moving to the cloud, however, many business leaders are being led to believe that software is pretty much all they need to protect their data. In some respects, that’s true, but it doesn’t paint the entire picture.

5 Ways Cloud VoIP Services Save Money

With the internet telephony revolution now well underway, many business owners are starting to move away from the limitations of landline telephony and migrate to hosted communications systems.

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology uses cloud infrastructure, thereby providing a wealth of extra features, such as integrated video conferencing and other enterprise-grade communications capabilities.

What Do You Need to Do When Your Network Gets Hacked?

Falling victim to a cyberattack is one thing, but failing to implement a robust disaster recovery plan will make matters a whole lot worse. If you’ve been paying attention to the headlines over the past few years, you know that even some of the largest organizations have been finding this out the hard way, having failed to meet their data security obligations.