Assured IT

Routine system health checks to minimize business interruptions.

Assured IT services from the Total Tech Team offer in-depth insight and analysis into the health and wellness of IT systems, applications or processes on a routine, scheduled basis. These assurance checks are executed out of our Technical Operations Center and provide easy to understand reports highlighting trends, identifying issues, and providing overall peace of mind.

Our Assured IT service offerings are highly customizable, provide technical depth, and present findings in outputs for both technical and non-technical individuals. Whether you need insight into server operations, SQL databases, Microsoft Active Directory, Network services or any other technology – complex or not, this solution is designed to provide the data you need to know what is going on with your system.

Achieve Peace of Mind and Make Informed Business Decisions.

Assured IT Benefits Include:

  • Comprehensive Ingishts
  • Constant Analysis
  • Historical Trend Data
  • Peace of Mind
  • Assurance of Operations