Total IT

Simplified IT bundles that work for you and your business.

The Total IT solution from Total Tech Team is our flagship offering for small and medium sized businesses. This solution provides a set of packaged IT products and services that are designed to work seamlessly together to meet modern business IT needs at a predictable cost.

Built off of leading technologies from vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco, and designed with business flexibility in mind, this solution is able to effortlessly grow with your business whether you are adding people, partners, additional locations, or new business applications.

Enjoy the best IT investment protection available and leave the mundane IT decisions to us as we provide solutions and take responsibility for costs associated with managing, repairing, upgrading or replacing hardware and software to keep it operating for your business over the long term.

Contact us today to work through a short review of your IT needs to see how simple and cost effective our Total IT solution can be for your business.  If you need more customized IT support services, please check out our other IT service packages.

Stop Drowning in IT Details and Reclaim Your Day.

Total IT Solution Benefits Include:

  • Simplifying the IT decision making process
  • Reducing IT cost burdens
  • Realizing real return from IT investments
  • Ensuring your data is safe, secure and available
  • Providing a single professional IT services partner